Here are some videos of Building Rome over the years.  There are quite a few cringeworthy moments but we had fun.  

Pumped Up Kicks - I had so much fun making this cover that I decided to quit my day job and make records for a living.

Sleep In My Eyes - An unreleased song demo.  We had written an album's worth of songs but didn't end up recording them for real.  One of these days maybe...

Gangster Baby - Building Rome performs "Gangster Baby" at Elbo Room in Chicago, IL on March 11, 2010. 

Pants on the Ground - For some unknown reason I decided to produce a rock version of Larry Platt's song from the American Idol auditions.  I recorded this in the van between shows.  I've done more productive things with my time.

Love Me Dead - I did this promo for the Ludo Xmas show 2009 with the help of our manager Mark Meyer. 

Ganster Baby - Live at the Creepy Crawl 2006.  It was our CD release show for our second album "Second Chance For Worst Impressions". 

Fireworks - Live at the Creepy Crawl 2006. 

This is an old video of us recording the demos for Gangster Baby and Thank Your Lucky Stars (Shotgun) at Mosca Studios with Andrew Ghiassi.  2006 I think.

Miss You More - Live from The Outland Ballroom in Springfield, MO July 22, 2006.  We used to do a choreagraphed intro and someone always messed it up.  It was mostly me. 

What Are We Fighting For? - This was our first attempt at making a music video.   Thanks to Amy McClung for making this for us.  She was probably the coolest person ever.  We don't usually wear makeup though… 

It's Gonna Rain All Day - This is one of those songs that I wished I had written.  We sang it at a bunch of Building Rome shows.

Bring Me Home - Live at the Firebird. March 2010.

Run Run Rudolph - This was a quick video we put out for Christmas of 2009.  Matt Murphy edited it all together for us. 

A short video of our adventures playing a high school in Collinsville IL. 

Last Time Again - Live at iFest in Saint Louis, MO.  No one really seemed to give a shit but it's cool.  It was probably that lame ass haircut I had. 

Total Revenge - During some down time I recorded a few acoustic covers of songs I liked.

Belly Dancer Girl - Live at the Creepy Crawl 2006.  I've never cared for this song and I can't sing at all but this was fun.  Good memories.

Say it Ain't So - Weezer cover at the 3rd Annual Tay-Sachs Benefit in Makanda, IL.

Miss You More - The Phoenix St. Louis, MO.  We miss Steve Ferris.