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Weekly Download from the Building Rome Vault 2/9/2009

by on Feb.10, 2009, under Site Updates, Weekly Download

This week’s download is a song we’re debating cutting from the new album. There are two versions of it up – download/listen to both and let us know what you think. We think it would be cool to get some creative input from you guys, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, post a comment below and let us know!

P.S. We’re sorry we didn’t get new stuff up last week and that this is late – we’re working on something supercool (which hopefully will be finished soon!) and lost track of the days. We hope this makes up for it!

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  1. jake

    i like overdrive, the original version anyways. the demo w/ the band sounds like…. ever see the movie “that thing you do”? cuz it would fit good on there i think. i love the lyrics either way. rock on

  2. Stacy

    Hey Jon!

    I really like the full band version of this. I don’t know what the rest of the record is going to sound like in its entirety so I have no idea what it would sound like with the other songs.
    From what I’ve heard live before, it’s a similar style and I think it would fit.
    Only thing I would say is maybe to lighten up on the cymbals a little bit.
    I like it a lot though.

  3. Tyler Veit

    I like it a lot. I like the second one’s chourus better than the first one. But the Second one has that really overdriven lead guitar thats a little too predictable.
    Also, I feel like im listening to smashmouth during the chourus.

    I like so many more of your guys songs better, i wouldnt put this one on the CD. However, that rythm guitar is fucking sick! I’d use it for something else on the cd. The low part thats really distorted.

    Another idea is to rework the song a little more and change the melody of the vocals? Definitly ditch the bass snare bass snare! at the end of every line in the verse.

  4. Ashley Qualls

    Ok…I have listened to the original of overdrive vs. the demo..and here are my thoughts.

    When I first heard the lyrics while listening to the demo..I thought it was a little too hard for the lyrics. The original version is perfect…it gives the song an eerie sound….which fits the song perfectly. I think the song should go on the album, and you could even make it a hidden song following the last song. Just my thoughts.

    I also had a chance to listen to the other demos in the Vault. “Standard break from life” is my favorite, “Boys don’t cry” I really liked as well,and “Chicken Feet” added some comedy, I liked that.
    I can’t wait for the album and the chance to listen to all of your hard work paying off. ROCK ON!

  5. Jon Heisserer

    Thanks a lot for the advice guys.
    Jake: I love that movie. I agree that the original vibe is better.

    Stacy: I agree with you about the drums. We used a drum machine so that’s why the cymbals sound all out of whack

    Tyler: I sang both in different keys, because I wanted to sing the chorus in a higher octave. So that’s why the full band version’s chorus sounds different. I do like the original chorus vibe better looking back. Also are you talking about the guitar on the chorus? I agree that the bass snare at the end of the verses get’s too repetitive.

    Do you think I should change the chorus melody or the verse… or both? A friend of mine actually had written an entirely different melody/lyrics to the music that might be cool to try..

  6. Karla Lopez

    I also like the full band version of the song ^-^ I agree with Ashley up there. I didn’t think to make it a hidden song ^-^

  7. Mikel

    After listening to both versions a few times I like the full band version better. I REALLY liked the chorus sang in the higher octave. I do get a ‘that thing you do’ vibe from it but…that’s cool I liked that movie. I guess it depends on if it fits with the rest of the songs on Nightmare whether or not you should put it on the album. If you guys decide to do it as a hidden track you should do it acoustic. That would kick ass!
    BTW loved the bridge. You guys rock!

  8. Sy

    Heya deary!

    Um…well im one of those ppl whose doesnt like to be too nit pick and stuff. Im rlly 2 nice X3 I like both versions. I kind of like the full band version better. But idk how u have set up the rest of the album so im not sure how itll work =/

    The best advice there is is to do wht ever feels rite. As i read, u said a friend had written a different version of the song. try tht out and see how tht sounds! See how each version wuld sound next to the album. Best of luck!

    Sorry if this doesnt help much >.<

  9. Song Nguyen

    The song has potential. Could work on the vocal recording a little bit or maybe get a little closer to the mic. Don’t be afraid to yell into the mic whenever you need to.

  10. Alex

    Hey BR. I’m not “crazy” per sai, about this song, but I do enjoy the it. I like the full band version better and think you should include it on the album.

  11. Samantha

    Hey, guys! I really like the full band version of Overdrive. I think it’s a keeper. But either way, I’m sure the album will be great!!

  12. jessica

    i really liked the full band version!!! i do believe you should put it on your album…it’s an amazing song!!!

  13. Paatela

    I agree with Mikel. An acoustic version of either would be really good. If that’s not going to happen, you should use the Original. The Full Band Version is too overdone (pun not intended), while the Original is stripped down and simple. Thank you for the downloads!

  14. Building Rome

    Thanks again for the comments guys. I’m very grateful of the response this got. It’s hard to keep up with all of the responses on all of the different mediums that we have to communicate these days. Both of these versions are rough demos. An acoustic version might be cool.. I don’t think it would make the album though. I already have the structure and everything all panned out and it wouldn’t fit. I think that the songs that I’ve got planned for the album are stronger. This one just didn’t pan out like
    I wanted it to. I tend to overproduce myself when I record myself… which is why I stopped putting so much time into demos. I end up burning myself out at the end of it.

    You never know.. this may make the record in one form or another. It all depends on what the producer thinks of it at this point… (we will be announcing that really soon!!)

    I really enjoy hearing your comments and suggestions about the songs, and I think I’m going to continue to do this. I’m going to put up another potential “Nightmare” demo entitled “Haunting me” next week and see if you have any suggestions for it.

    Talk to you soon, thanks again
    - Jon

  15. Timothy Swanstrom-Stage

    Love the Overdrive, it’s a keeper!

  16. Charmaine

    so, i really like the song, but i also think that you guys have a lot of songs that are better. if you already have enough songs for the album, i’d dump this one, although it would be cool as a hidden track, hint, hint. btw, i like the one with the whole band better although the original’s cool too. anyway you’re br, you do what you want! :-) can’t wait for the new album!

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