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Jon saw… a ghost?

by on Mar.12, 2009, under Random

This was from a video I took in my basement while messing around with my computer’s camera. This showed up in two frames. What does it look like to you?
- Jon

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  1. Lizzie Evankovich

    omg that is freaky! ummm…i dont wanna sound weird but it looks like a girl. or a rele bad blood stain on ur wall lol. wow thats crazy.

  2. Barbie

    It is called a shadowman and we too have one in our house. He has been with us for about 20 years now and he still freaks the kids out. So yep you saw a ghost.

  3. Lauren Blair

    uhh. to me, it looks like there’s a stain on your curtain. hahah. i don’t know, it could be a ghost. depends on whether or not you believe in that kind of stuff.

  4. shelby williams

    haha.. a shadow?

  5. Kelli

    I think it looks like a bad stain. A, er, really bad stian.

  6. Colby Cady

    Hmmm… was someone having a poo’ throwing contest before this video was taken?

    I dig the shadow-man theory though. I think my house has a shadow-woman. The only problem is she doesn’t put out.

  7. Jon Heisserer

    Yea, shadow women never put out. And yes there was a poo throwing contest

  8. chelsea

    goodness, that is very creepy.

  9. Tiff

    Hmm..pretty odd.. it looks like a weird breed of chicken that has a human body.

  10. Priscilla Mccarson

    I am so fasinated..I love the supernatural and have had dealings with Ghosts myself..You are surely looking at a Ghost..I love this.Thanks for sharing it..Love Priscilla

  11. Carrie

    Hmmm…send it to Ghost Hunters or Paranormal State for evaluation! lol
    But that really does look like a spectral figure…I’m getting this weird feeling from looking at it, too.
    Do some research, you might have a haunting on your hands :O

  12. Hannah

    it’s a boy’s spirit
    you can see a jersey on him and his bone structure and his arm
    i think it’s a teenage boy’s spirit
    maybe he got killed in the area

  13. britt

    woah someone can’t aim… hate to see wat they ate for dinner :P

    looks like a ghostto me but?

  14. taylor

    looks like jesus!

  15. Christyna

    I think it is a ghost. I’ve seen stuff like this is my house and ive caught it on camera. I think it is a ghost he saw =]

  16. Ashley

    I’m not sure I would have to see the frames leading up to it. I’m a paranormal investigator and I would be more than willing to look at the frames if you want me too.

  17. Monika P.

    Well Jon, it looks like you found your answer then. If you had a poo throwing contest earlier then I’m sure that is simply the repercussion of such a contest…that happens to look like a haunting ghost…

  18. Catharine

    Wow thats creepy. I’m pretty sure I have seen ghost before it’s scary!!

  19. Stefan

    Could be a variety of things.
    Alien that was decloaking.
    David Bowie.
    That cat-guy from Kiss.

    Many possibilities.

  20. Allison

    That is so awesome! It looks like a girl with long hair to me. I’ve seen a few ghosts too, looks like the real deal. I would definitely have it investigated!

  21. kary wilson

    i think it looks like a girl…
    with blood.
    a demon, in a human ghost form.
    i think its a ghost. i reall believe that they do roam the earth. i seen a few before. FREAKY!!!!

  22. Emma Wood

    :) lol.
    idk if its a ghost i dont really believe in that stuff.
    but its kinda wierd looking.

  23. Kara

    that’s really creepy. i get scared just by looking at it D:

  24. London

    No such thing as ghosts. Just demons and angels. So lets hope is not a demon…

  25. Ana Lucia de Hoyos

    Woah, thats sickk!
    I’m sorry I have this weird ghoust/vampire/supernatural obsession.
    But yeah it does look like its more then just a bad stain. I mean come on, how on earth could a stain get that bad?
    Its probably just a spirit with undone bussiness just kinda hanging out, minding his/her own bussiness.
    No biggie. :D

  26. Shannon

    Woah…that creeps me out a little…I think I’m going to go with the poo throwing theory! Geez, wash your curtains & don’t throw poo IN the house, go outside :)

  27. HeyMelissaTM

    Okay, so basically, there are a few theory’s. One, a funky shadow on the wall cast by your head, the light from the computer screen and possibly a lamp. But that doesn’t really make sense seeing as how the bottom half is more see-through. I personally believe in ghosts. And other entities. If you google the TAPS website, you can sort of narrow down your search to find out what you’re dealing with. More than likely, it’s just a familiar. Meaning someone that passed away in the house, concentrated energy over the years basically casting a reflection. It will go into more detail on the website. You should look it up and let me know once you find out anything, that would be a very interesting conversation to have.
    Message or comment me if you want to talk about what you found.

    - Melissa

  28. Jenny

    Can you post the actual video?

  29. A.J. Lauer

    It truthfully looks like the silohuette of my 81 yr old grandmother!!(She looks like she’s a 100 yrs old tho lol!) That’s freaky. Some say my grandma looks like a ghost and the “Crypt keeper” from the old TV show “Tales from the Crypt” LMAO!! (They say this in a “loving” way though of course haha!!

    Need/want a new myspace friend?!!?? People, ADD ME then!!!

  30. PansyScarinessMonsterFace

    i <3 the poo throwing theory.. but idk.. mybe a screwed up shadow or a stain.

  31. Greg Huels

    I’m not sure what it is. And since I don’t know, I should automatically come to the conclusion that it is indeed a ghost, since that is the most logical reason (as opposed to say a shadow, a piece of lint or dust in the air right next to the lens, a glitch in the digital recording, a glitch in the algorithm for displaying digital pixels, etc, etc). No, I agree. It’s a supernatural being sent from beyond the grave to show itself for a millisecond on a video that you created in your basement. (please note the sarcasm (and smugness) of my reply).

  32. Melanie

    Umm,, I don’t exactly know what I think it is, but it looks fucking evil O_O
    Hope it doesn’t like…attack? Idk. It’s fucking scary though.

  33. alex

    creepy as hell! i have something like that in my house that i see completely on rare occasions but mostly everyday from the corner of my eye. my friends see it a lot when they sleep over and my biggest skeptic friend was “attacked” by it when i was sleeping like 2 feet away from her. you should get that checked out before something happens.

  34. Stefan

    Greg, you do bring up a good friend.
    But I’ve come up with a theory.
    A great theory, my friend..

    I believe that…. It may, just possibly be…..
    Eric Clapton.

  35. Shari

    Looks like someone praying! Definitely a ghost!

  36. Mollllly

    Looks scary. i don’t want to insult him or her though, D:

  37. Tess Ann

    well they are called “shadow people,” are supernatural shadow-like creatures. And we have one in our home, my aunts home and my cousins lol. they are creepers lol. they scare my little cousins half to death when they come over. but yeah Jon ya did see a ghost. the one in my cousins house always appears by her t.v. which is weird so when we watch t.v. and see him we freak! it’s scary. it’s funny how in photography class we had to make ourselves look like ghosts.. it’s so easy! They say that when someone dies and they’ve loved that place or aren’t “at peace” with that place yet, they “haunt” that place until they are at peace.

    (I do find some ghost stuff bull lol)

  38. kayla

    Don’t be skurred, it’s probably just a caveman or ET or something… hopefully it’s friendly! :p that’s pretty wicked cool though.

  39. ian

    hay it looks like a ghost but that would make a great ablum cover

  40. Jamie

    Honestly, it looks like my cousin that recently died.
    With the long hair, and the bone structure.

    It’s weird because his sister, and I are huge fans. And he knew it. He made fun of us alot, because he was into the long hair, and hard-core thrasher stuff.
    He alwasy said he would meet you guys before we ever did.

    So yeah, good luck with that.
    Don’t be surprised if anything starts moving on you, or you end up missing things. He was mean like that.

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