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‘Nightmare’ preorder and contest!

by on August 18, 2009, under Band Updates, Contests, Merch, Nightmare

Hey all, we just put up the preorder for ‘Nightmare’! When you order, you’ll be automatically entered into a contest to win Building Rome merch! Every week, we’ll draw a random name to receive an autographed prize pack, which includes a t-shirt, copies of all of our music, and more! Plus, the first 100 copies are signed! Exclamation points!!!!!

Three new songs are up on our MySpace page right now – if you like what you hear, visit and get your copy now!

*All preorders will be shipped on Friday, September 11!

Preorder your copy at!


  1. What Are We Fighting For?
  2. Nightmare
  3. Dr. Doctor
  4. Sink Like An Anchor
  5. Take Cover (Burn)
  6. Haunting Me
  7. Last Time Again
  8. Orange Case
  9. Streetlights
  10. Tired Of Waking Up
  11. Bring Me Home
  12. If This Is Where It Ends…

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Slight delay posting new music, etc…

by on August 16, 2009, under Band Updates, Nightmare, Site Updates

Hey all, we’re really sorry the new songs didn’t go up today, we’re trying to do too many things at once right now and it turns out we weren’t as ready as we thought we were. However, we PROMISE all the new stuff will be up on Tuesday – songs, photos, MySpace stuff, presale info, etc. Add us on MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter and you’ll definitely be the first to know when it hits!!

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Get backstage with Building Rome!

by on July 31, 2009, under Contests, Nightmare, Shows

Text the word NIGHTMARE to 88188 and you’re entered to win a pair of backstage passes for the show on September 18! One (1) grand prize winner will receive a pair of backstage passes, a pair of meet and greet passes, and a signed copy of the new CD. Four (4) first prize winners will receive a pair of meet and greet passes and a signed copy of the new CD. Both grand prize and first prize winners will receive early entry to the venue. Everyone that enters will receive a free “Dr. Doctor” ringtone!

Be sure to add us on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. We’ll be announcing more contests on each site over the next few weeks!


  • Prizes consist of backstage passes and/or meet and greet passes ONLY. Concert tickets must be purchased separately.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly.
  • Transportation to the event will not be provided.
  • Meet and greet will begin at 6:15 pm on Friday, September 18. Winners will meet 15 minutes prior in Suite 100 at The Pageant.
  • Winners will be contacted by phone on September 15, 2009. Winners not responding by the following day will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be drawn!

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‘Nightmare’ CD Release Show!!

by on July 16, 2009, under Band Updates, Nightmare, Shows

CD release show flier - frontCD release show flier - back

Click to see full-sized

CD Release Party
September 18, 2009
The Pageant – St. Louis, MO

Come out to The Pageant on September 18 and prepare to get your face rocked off by Building Rome, This Is Energy, Last Nights Vice, Our First Summer, and Without A Face (Redbird Records)!

Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 day of show with a $2 minor surcharge at the door. Tickets go on sale Friday, July 17 at 5 pm. Pick them up here from Ticketmaster.

If you don’t live near St. Louis, don’t worry – you’ll be able to pick up a digital copy of the album on iTunes or you can get an actual CD from our online store. Presale for the album will begin on Saturday, August 15. More details to follow!

RSVP to the show!

(Must be logged in to see events!)

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Be in the video for our “Poker Face” cover!!

by on June 11, 2009, under Random, Site Updates

We thought it would be fun to put together a video for our “Poker Face” cover, and we want you to be in it! Here’s what we need you to do:

  1. If you haven’t yet, go to this link on our website and download the song for free: – Right-click on the .mp3 link and click “Save As” or “Save Link As”
  2. Videotape yourself singing along to the song while doing one of the following:
    • Parody of a modern pop singer or boy band – anyone similar to and including Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, etc. Anything goes, from a choreographed dance production to rocking out in front of your mirror with a hairbrush.
    • Playing cards / slots / dice / whatever – anything casino-related, as long as it looks like you’re having fun!
  3. Send it to us!

We’ll take all the videos we receive and edit them together to make one fantastically awesome amazing video for the song!

Some tips to make sure you end up in the video:

  1. Make sure we can hear the recording and/or you singing! It’ll help us with the editing process. If you need the lyrics, you can read them here – make sure to change the he’s and him’s to she’s and her’s!
  2. Be sure to use our version of the song and NOT the Lady Gaga version. Ours is faster than the original and we want the footage to line up to the song.
  3. Make sure we can clearly see what’s going on in the video, i.e. keep the camera steady and have lots of light! If you’re using the video setting on your digital camera, make sure you’re using the best quality setting, if possible.
  4. Have fun with it!

When you’ve got your video recorded, upload it to a file-sharing service and send us the link. Some of the sites we’ve used before are,, or E-mail the link to

We’ll start editing the video sometime this weekend, but we’ll accept submissions until June 19 (a week and a half away from today).

We’re looking forward to seeing what you guys send in! If you have any questions, hit me up here, on Facebook (look up Jon Heisserer from Saint Louis), or send an e-mail to

- Jon

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Poker Face cover!

by on June 07, 2009, under Random, Site Updates

Jon took a break from working on the album this past week to do a cover of “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga. Let us know what you think!

Building Rome – Poker Face (Lady Gaga cover).mp3

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Building Rome interview in the RFT this week, plus more updates!

by on June 02, 2009, under Band Updates, Merch, Nightmare, Studio Updates

Hey everyone! Just a quick update:

  1. We have 3 articles out there with our name on them this week:

    Thank you to Annie Zaleski from the Riverfront Times for taking the time to come to the studio and talk to us!

  2. Big merch sale in the online store! Every dollar goes towards getting us on tour this fall. Click on our Merch link at the top of the page or go to

  3. Still recording – we go back into the studio on June 15 and we’ll be there til the end of the month. Should have the finished album in our hands by July 23 (Jon’s birthday!). The release date is still set for October 13.

  4. If you haven’t signed up to get your name in the album on our Thank You page, you have until July 1! After that, we’ll need to format the names for the artwork and can’t accept any more signups.

See you soon!

- BR

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Studio Update – Weeks 4, 5, and beyond

by on May 12, 2009, under Band Updates, Nightmare, Studio Updates

Studio photos by Deborah Best

YO! This has technically been our first week out of the studio. Being in the studio six days a week, 12 hours a day for 5 weeks is definitely exhausting and I think we’re all pretty beat from it. The good news is that we think it sounds great so far, and the bad news is that we’re not finished yet! Luckily, we anticipated that this would happen and we budgeted in some extra time so we could finish it up right. Unfortunately, Steven had to leave, but he left us in the hands of Jason McEntire to help us tie everything up. Big, big thank you to Steven Haigler for coming out and doing the album with us! Some days were the equivalent of being at a music boot camp, but overall the experience was awesome. Steven is going to be mixing the album at VuDu Studios in Long Island, NY in July.

During the last two full weeks in the studio, we finished up all of the guitars and piano/synth parts and about 75% of the lead vocals (no backup vocals yet). I’ve been working on sorting out backup vocals and harmonies this past week, and we’re going back into the studio on Friday to record a string quartet on an acoustic song called “Bring Me Home,” which is the final track on the album. So I’m definitely stoked for that.

I want to thank everyone that came out and helped us record on the album. We had a lot of talented guest musicians from the St. Louis area, including Tim Convy and Tim Ferrell from Ludo, Adam Barr from The Goodtime Engineers, Dave Grelle from The Feed, Jeff Gallo and Joe Meyer from Goldtooth, and our friend Jeff Gracey.

Official tracklisting for Nightmare:

  1. Intro
  2. What Are We Fighting For?
  3. Nightmare
  4. Last Time Again
  5. Doctor, Doctor
  6. Sink Like An Anchor
  7. Streetlights
  8. The Panting Dog
  9. Orange Case
  10. Burn (Take Cover)
  11. Haunting Me
  12. Tired of Waking Up
  13. Bring Me Home

The official release date for Nightmare is still set for October, and we’ll have some info on touring by mid-summer. We’re also having a big merch sale to clear out our inventory and every dollar will go towards financing us coming to see you on tour! Check it out at our official merch store or click the “Merch” link at the top of the page. See you soon!

- Jon

P.S. Now that we’re out of the studio full time, I will start responding to the backed up MySpace messages again. We read all of your comments on all different social mediums and we appreciate every one of them. The best way to talk to me personally is through Facebook. Look up my name – Jon Heisserer – and add me!

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Studio Update – Weeks 2 & 3

by on April 23, 2009, under Band Updates, Nightmare, Studio Updates

Hey guys! Things have been going pretty good in the studio the last two weeks. Tim Convy and Tim Ferrell from Ludo came to the studio this week. Ferrell tracked some guitar on the songs “Sink Like An Anchor,” “What Are We Fighting For,” and “Burn (Take Cover),” and Tim Convy played the moog on the song “Doctor, Doctor.” Both of these guys owned it! I’m truly honored to have these guys on the record.

Other than that, we got all the drums and bass tracked during week 2. This week, we’ve been tracking guitars during the day and then my vocals in the evening. All of the songs are well on their way to being finished, except for my acoustic song, which we haven’t even started yet.

Sorry for the lack of video updates and streaming. I’ll try to remember to set it up this week, but we have been so busy that we haven’t really been able to mess with it. We’re not even taking any more days off from here on out.

Thanks for the support everyone, see you soon!!
- Jon

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Get a personal thank you on “Nightmare”!

by on April 06, 2009, under Nightmare

We just wanted to remind you that if you haven’t signed up yet, time is running out! Enter your name and e-mail address in the sign up form to the right. Your name will appear in the album under our “THANK YOU” section!

***FYI, we are using the Fanbridge e-mail system to keep track of the names for the album. Unfortunately, if you unsubscribe from the list before we back up the database for the artwork, your name won’t appear on the album!***

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