Building rome BIO

Building Rome started in 2003 and ended abruptly in 2010 after one of the band members started having a little too much fun.

We played a reunion show with The Offspring in 2012 and in 2014 we played another reunion show at the Mad Magician in St. Louis.  It was fun, but we're off doing other projects.  Depending on how well these other projects do, we might be back for more.  

I'll go into more detail on the whole story eventually.  For now please check out our Current Projects page to hear new music.

This was such a bad picture of all of us but it captures the fun we had.  This was taken after we played with the Offspring in 2012.

Press Quotes

"St. Louis emo act Building Rome is a band that’s obviously hindered by the limitations of garage and club. Its latest LP, Nightmare, is way too huge, way too explosive to be crammed into a small room. This is big-stage ready, tour-bus traveling, hotel-trashing arena rock."
-- Ink Magazine, Kansas City, MO

"Building Rome has been a staple of the local emo/pop-punk scene for years. Last year's Alkaline Trio-influenced Nightmare, however, clearly shows a band shooting for the next level. The concept album, which is based loosely on Jacob's Ladder, was recorded locally at Sawhorse Recording Studios and produced by Steven Haigler, who's best known for his work with the Pixies. The result is a big-sounding, tastefully executed record and hopefully another stepping stone in its ever-burgeoning career. (SM)"
-- Riverfront Times, Saint Louis, MO

"In a world filled with contrived lyrics and songs that seem to blend into one another as if in an unremarkable musical parody of Groundhog Day, it is refreshing to find a band that utilizes everything at their disposal to truly create something anyone can and will relate to. Building Rome does this seamlessly, leaving the listener with the raw energy one craves at a live show."

"Overall, I give this album (Nightmare) a 4 out of 5. Building Rome is a talented, polished and professional band that’s as good as anything you’ll hear in the mainstream and on the charts."
-- Album Review Blog Review –

"Overall, this is an incredible album. Taken simply for the music, each song is different from the last, but their common factor is the emotion that went into writing them. Once you listen to each song and hear the lyrics, get a taste for the meaning, one can truly see how talented the members of Building Rome are."


over 9000 power achievements!!

- Featured in AP&R section of Alternative Press magazine #263 - May 2010

- Winner, Best Modern Rock Band, 2010 RFT Music Awards - June 22, 2010

- Listed as one of the "Kings of A&R Picks" on Kings of A&R - October 12, 2010

- "What Are We Fighting For?" music video featured on MUZU.TV - June 24, 2010

- Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands Winner for a spot on St. Louis Vans Warped Tour 2010 - June 16, 2010

- Hard Rock Calling Battle of the Bands St. Louis Winner - May 2010

- Number 1 Alternative Song: Nightmare - May 18, 2010

- top 10 alternative rock single: Haunting Me

- Won the "Thanks for the Memories" contest to open for Fall Out Boy and +44, 2006

- Opened for the Offspring June 2012