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Studio Update – Weeks 4, 5, and beyond

by on May.12, 2009, under Band Updates, Nightmare, Studio Updates

Studio photos by Deborah Best

YO! This has technically been our first week out of the studio. Being in the studio six days a week, 12 hours a day for 5 weeks is definitely exhausting and I think we’re all pretty beat from it. The good news is that we think it sounds great so far, and the bad news is that we’re not finished yet! Luckily, we anticipated that this would happen and we budgeted in some extra time so we could finish it up right. Unfortunately, Steven had to leave, but he left us in the hands of Jason McEntire to help us tie everything up. Big, big thank you to Steven Haigler for coming out and doing the album with us! Some days were the equivalent of being at a music boot camp, but overall the experience was awesome. Steven is going to be mixing the album at VuDu Studios in Long Island, NY in July.

During the last two full weeks in the studio, we finished up all of the guitars and piano/synth parts and about 75% of the lead vocals (no backup vocals yet). I’ve been working on sorting out backup vocals and harmonies this past week, and we’re going back into the studio on Friday to record a string quartet on an acoustic song called “Bring Me Home,” which is the final track on the album. So I’m definitely stoked for that.

I want to thank everyone that came out and helped us record on the album. We had a lot of talented guest musicians from the St. Louis area, including Tim Convy and Tim Ferrell from Ludo, Adam Barr from The Goodtime Engineers, Dave Grelle from The Feed, Jeff Gallo and Joe Meyer from Goldtooth, and our friend Jeff Gracey.

Official tracklisting for Nightmare:

  1. Intro
  2. What Are We Fighting For?
  3. Nightmare
  4. Last Time Again
  5. Doctor, Doctor
  6. Sink Like An Anchor
  7. Streetlights
  8. The Panting Dog
  9. Orange Case
  10. Burn (Take Cover)
  11. Haunting Me
  12. Tired of Waking Up
  13. Bring Me Home

The official release date for Nightmare is still set for October, and we’ll have some info on touring by mid-summer. We’re also having a big merch sale to clear out our inventory and every dollar will go towards financing us coming to see you on tour! Check it out at our official merch store or click the “Merch” link at the top of the page. See you soon!

- Jon

P.S. Now that we’re out of the studio full time, I will start responding to the backed up MySpace messages again. We read all of your comments on all different social mediums and we appreciate every one of them. The best way to talk to me personally is through Facebook. Look up my name – Jon Heisserer – and add me!

2 comments for this entry:
  1. Paatela

    So happy that you guys are finallllly getting things to go awesomely. Also excited for the acoustic track, since you do those very amazing like.

    haha as soon as i saw streetlights i was like LUDO. so that’s gonna be a problem but oh well.

    I’m secretly hoping that Panting Dog will be all new and jazzed up but if not then I’ll live I guess.

    huzzah for nightmare!!! :D

  2. Devon M

    sounds like you’re are making some great progress! i can’t wait to see the results of your guys’ hard work. good luck finishing everything up, and as always, can’t wait to see a show again sometime in the future.

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