Building Rome


Building Rome

Q: Who is Building Rome?
A: Building Rome is:
Jon Heisserer – Vocals / Guitar
Tom Butler – Bass / Backup Vocals
Brian Porter – Drums / Backup Vocals

Q: Where are you from?
A: Saint Louis, MO USA

Q: How long has Building Rome been together?
A: We had our very first real band practice in 2003. So about 5 or 6 years… since then, a lot of people have come and gone. I (Jon) am the only original member.

Q: What happened to ______ who used to be in the band?
A: Unfortunately, he was abducted by aliens and is no longer in the band.

Q: Are you guys really aliens?
A: Yes, but not the band member-abducting kind.

Q: When are you playing in my town next?
A: We are planning a nationwide tour to promote our upcoming CD “Nightmare”. The best way to get us to come to your city is to “Demand It”! There is an application to the right of this page, and it’s pretty simple to use. The best way to keep up on our show dates is to sign up for our e-mail list at the top of the page (it’s also a way of getting a thank you on the album).

Q: Can I meet you at the show?
A: Yes! We do our best to meet everyone who wants to meet us. No egos here.

Q: Do you remember me? What’s my name?
A: Yes…

Q: How did you guys come up with the name Building Rome?
A: I was having a hard time finding band members, and a friend of mine told me not to worry, because Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Q: I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find your CD. How do I get it?
A: Right now the best way of getting a physical CD is through our online store. If you live in St. Louis, then you can get our CD at Vintage Vinyl, Slackers, and CD Warehouse. You can also get all of our CDs on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, etc. – check our discography page for links and more stores. We will have distribution for our upcoming album “Nightmare” which means that you should be able to get it in Best Buy and Hot Topic.

Q: Do people like you?
A: Yes, because we are gangsters… baby…

Q: Do you have any guitar tabs to your songs?
A: Right now we don’t have any official tabs for our songs, but eventually we plan to tab them out for you.

Q: What is the new album “Nightmare” about?
A: It’s roughly based on the movie Jacob’s Ladder. More details when the album is released…

Q: Why haven’t you answered my message/e-mail?
A: Right now we are incredibly backed up! If we haven’t answered, then just send us another message or comment via the medium of your choice. We really want to talk to every one of you, and we do our best to, but we’re incredibly busy trying to write an album and we don’t want to delay the progress of that. So keep trying, and I promise that you will eventually hear back from us.

Q: How can I help out?
A: The best way to help out is by telling all of your friends about us and to come to our shows. We have banners that you can put on your MySpace, website, or blog, and you can always throw out a bunch of bulletins or messages on your MySpace/Facebook. We greatly appreciate anything you can do to help.

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